Invite to 'my' Lockerz
Hi y'all, so I guess you have heard about Lockerz and it seemed pretty interesting to you? Well, guess what? It is interesting so to say. Every day, thousands and thousands of people, including me, make PTZ (the current currency of Lockerz) through the website by just logging in and answer a question everyday. With PTZ, they can 'buy' themselves all kinds of prizes. Going from iPhone skins and candy boxes to a brand new(!) Piaggio Fly and Samsung 40" LCD TV!

Now you're probably wondering, how can this all be true? To be honest, I had no idea myself, but if you read the FAQ (Right there, above you, next to 'Home') it says that they are funded by Liberty Media, one of the largest media companies in America.

Now you're again wondering, if all this is true, then why do I want to give you the chance to enjoy the same happiness to without asking something in return? Well, it's really simple, everytime I invite someone and he/she accepts my invitation, I get a friend. And as soon as I get 20 friends, I become a Z-lister (a VIP, so to say) and that alone already has enough benefits for me, or any other Z-lister.

And if you're still wondering that this is all way too good to be true, and that I'll only use your email for spam purposes, then you're wrong. I only want to give other people a chance to win stuff, without clicking millions of advertisements and to pay up for things that don't even equal in the value of the things that you actually want.

Also, if you really want to try out Lockerz, but you simply do not trust me, you can always use an email you never use, or make a new email (Hotmail, Google mail, Yahoo mail etc. etc.)

Well, have fun, hopefully see you somewhere in Lockerz (if they ever consider getting a forum)